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Networking and Art

Today I went to the Design District in Dallas to get a little inspiration and network. I am so happy I bought those business cards it was a great way to network and an easy way to show my work. For the most part the galleries were very nice- I've always heard that they're not as friendly to artist trying to appoach them. The process was a little intimdating- I"m not a self promoter at all... still working on that. We will see where this takes me!

So a few things I saw..

I stopped in the Dallas Contemorary- first time going there.

They had art by David Salle- large sized paintings that were mainly dyptics with a contrast of figurative and abstraction. There were a few ceramic pieces as well... He repeated a few of this images- usally reclining women.

Nate Lowman's work varied from canvases shaped as air fresheners and the United States. I was impressed with the different shapes of the canvases and how well they were stretched- I wish I could see the back side. The US pieces were from his drop cloths which were nice little abstracts. His lamp instalaion was ok..

Anila Quayyum Agha's Intersections was impressive. It was an experience to be in the room with this well crafted piece. A cube that has Islamic designs hung from the ceiling with a light in the center. The pattern spread across the room. I was impressed with how the piece was lit because there were not weird shadows that affected the design. When some one was in the room with you their shadows didn't over power or destract from the piece. I highly recomend checking this piece out.

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